First post: I had dropped two sugar cubes

April 1st, 2009 by admin

Blogging software seems like the easiest way to add content to this site. For a first post, here’s a description of a UV show from long before I knew him:

heres the rundown on Uncle Vinty. I saw the cat do his stuff at a Clap Concert at the Carousel Ball Room, (New Fillmore West in S.F.) around ’71. I think It was the Eric Burdon and War Show…I didnt get that far..I had dropped two sugar cubes and some one spilled a coca cola on me while I was sitting on the floor. A whole mass of freaks circled me and started weirding out because the cola started to crawl all over me like a fuckin’ alien in a horror show..(It was like..”Look at him!…what is that shit???) anyway, as I was leaving Bernardo was getting mobbed by some teenaged girls at the bottom of the stairs. On acid that fucker was a cross between Jim Morrisson, Keith Richards and Little Richard…(odd mix!!) Dig this; Uncle Vinty bellied up to the Piano and started to sing a whole meddly of baudy folk songs while bundled up like an 1850’s Alaskan Sled Dog Clondike prospecter. Full fur hooded get-up etc. Well, as the songs progressed he kept taking off layer after layer of clothing..the mob got wilder..(wanting Eric)..Uncle Vinty broke into a rather provocative (ten dollar word) slow strip-tease. By the time I dragged my alien cola crawlin’ ass outa there he was wailing in nothin’ but a pair of red long johns.

That’s from the guestbook.

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