Live concert, Nightmusic 1976

In a surprising and delightful turn, I received in the mail a recording of Vinty playing an hour-long concert on TVOntario’s Nightmusic in 1976. The quality of the recording and the performance are great. Many of the songs are new to me. This is really pretty wonderful stuff. Thank you, anonymous fan!

Live Uncle Vinty concert, Nightmusic, TV Ontario, 1976 from on Vimeo.

The video is also on YouTube, where it’s broken up into bite-sized chunks.

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2 Responses to “Live concert, Nightmusic 1976”

  1. Jenn Milwaukee Says:

    I was a VInty fan and friend. Milwaukee misses him terribly. Last night I was at a recording session with one of the X-Violent Femmes and we got talking about Vinty… I would love to download anything you have.

  2. admin Says:

    I’ve posted a small collection of mp3s.

    Videos are on the youtube channel.

    I’ve got more videos and lots more music to post; just a matter of finding the time. Keep an eye on; I’ll try to get something up in the next few days.

    Alternatively, you can follow on facebook. I generally post an update there when I post new material here or on youtube.

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