Uncle Vinty mp3 downloads

I’ve got a few UV songs available for download here: a couple of vintage live tracks and “Uncle Vinty’s Family Album.” Since I don’t really have any right to distribute these, I’m going to refrain from publishing the URL. But drop me a note (webmaster at unclevinty.com) and I’ll gladly send you the URL and the login/pw.

If you’ve got any Vinty recordings (or video) that you’d be willing to share, please contact me. That goes for photos, posters, stories–whatever.

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14 Responses to “Uncle Vinty mp3 downloads”

  1. Bob T Says:

    I have been a huge Uncle Vinty fan since I first saw him in Kenosha Wisconsin with my drummer.

    I do searches now and then to find if anything ever pops up. I would love to have the downloads that you have mentioned, the only thing I would do with them is share them with my old drummer.

    Do you have any of his lyrics from early stuff? I have to admit I was usually quite, well um..I wasn’t usually in a state of mind that is conducive to remembering.



  2. Paul G Says:

    Somewhere I have a decent recording (done in his truck) of a couple of Vinty tunes and a couple of mine that he played on. I will do my best to dig it out – it’s on cassette.

  3. Craig Stewart Says:


    huge fan,

    from Wisconsin, always in search of pics, tunes etc.

    anything you can link me up to would be super!

    i’m a slippery snake in a bayou bog……come clean!

    PArtied with them in KEnosha Wi, TEddy the thumper, peter barnes, eddie the wizard, un real band.

    look forward t oinfo thanks

  4. Eric Says:

    Wow, like Bob T above, I occasionally do searches for Uncle Vinty, so it’s cool to get a hit. I saw UV in Kenosha and Milwaukee Wisconsin. Pretty cool if you can hook me up with mp3’s and lyrics. I have a friend that might have photos, I’ll check and let you know.

    Take care,


  5. Robare M. Novou Says:

    Greetings again,

    I am still looking for that UV Poster.
    Im getting closer I know I am. Will keep looking.

    I am also interested in any song downloads you can turn me onto!

    I have some old bugle magazines, I thing there are some UV articles and concert ads in between the covers. Will give it a look see, and let you know.

    Robare M. Novou

  6. jeff Crosby Says:

    As a long time Fan of UV I’d be interested in the MP3 downloads.

  7. Murray Storrings Says:

    I seen Uncel Vinty at a concert in either 1969 0r 70 in Canada in Vancouver BC opening for a group …and he had the fans on there feet …still picture him on the piano …was great ..Id never forget that concert Murray Storrings from Maple Ridge Bc ps id forgot who he opened for does anyone remember

  8. Barry Anspach Says:

    Uncle Vinty fan since 72 in Syracuse NY. Love to get the link to your mp3 downloads!

  9. Bill Lechow Says:

    I remember watching UV perform on a local (Toronto) TV show called “Night Music”.
    I remember a lyric “They’re going to drop the bomb, they’re going to drop the bomb…”
    He was very entertaining, and was right in his element on a show which also featured acts like,
    Nash the Slash, David Wilcox, Mendleson Joe, et.al. They were all very unique and refreshing musicians.

  10. admin Says:

    Hi Bill. Keep your eye on unclevinty.com — with a little luck, I’ll be posting “Night Music” soon. I’ve never seen it, but I’ve been told to keep an eye on my mailbox.

    “Drop The Bomb,” by the way, is on the “Uncle Vinty and Those X-Cleavers” album. Look for it here.

    Login: plants
    Password: animals

    (on my to-do list: disable the password protection on the download pages)

  11. Deb Bozewicz Says:

    I’ve been searching for 20 years, up till now, in vain.
    Finding you and vintage Vinty material is truly a bright moment for me.

    I attended almost every performance of his in the Milwaukee area;
    I sang my heart out at every one of them.
    Faithfully did warm-ups of “I had a little poodle…”
    Did my best to harmonize with “We are all the sun, the sun, the sun.”
    And sang his praises to anyone who would listen.

    After I got his blessing, I named my first car (a blue 1976 Honda Civic) “Medbury”.

    I’ve tried describing his show to my now-grown children, but they haven’t a clue.

    My heart soars knowing he is still alive in music and that others have missed his as well.

    I need to pass on this info to two other important persons who will appreciate knowing what you’ve done here.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  12. Steve Says:

    Great posting of the X-Cleavers material. In the earlier 1970s, he had another backing band. After they broke up, the backing band became “The Movies” and had an album on Arista Records. I used to have the LP, and have searched for it since on MP3 or CD but it has never been re-released. The Movies included Vinty’s brother Ted who went on to work in television in the Milwaukee area. Ted was a rock and roll star in his own right with the Movies.

  13. Steve Says:

    If you look for the band member that looks the most like Vinty, that’s Ted!

  14. admin Says:

    Kinda weird that Michelle and Barry both posted exactly the same comment. I’m asking no questions!

    Mp3 downloads are here:

    login: plants
    password: animals

    There’s another album here:


    Lots more content coming, if I can find the time to process and post. I’m trying!

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